Service Installation & Listening Issues

Feb 4, 2011 at 6:31 PM

I tried a full installation on three different OSs (XP, Win7, Server 2008) and the proxy service claimed a sucessful installation each time, but no service was ever registered, installed, or started.  Using InstallUtil.exe I was able to get the service installed, registerd and started on all three OSs.  However, any requests for wake-up are ignored.  A wireshark check shows that a request is made to the WOL proxy on port 8731.  No firewall is running.  A check of netstat shows no listener on port 8731.  It appears that the WOL proxy is not opperating as designed, but why?

A check via process explorer shows no dependencies for DeSleeper.ServiceHost and although it appears that DeSleeper.Service.dll is required when I look at the code.  I can't get all the projects to load in VS2008 with DeSleeperService being one of those so I don't have a clear picture of the overall interaction yet.

Any ideas why there is no listening going on on port 8731?