Proxy installation and VPN issue.

Mar 13, 2009 at 9:27 AM
Hi all,

I think this is a possible great program, just having some trouble with it..

The cenario iam facing is:

A Client wants to wake his work pc up from his laptop with a VPN connection... idk but something stops it.
its not the VPN that works fine it just wont wake up!! 

We've tryd it with many diffrent programs and all are the same way, thy work INTERN but not EXTERN for some odd reason,

So figured a proxy might be a nice awnser the problem iam facing is i cannot set this up proper for some reason...
Could someone explain me how to do a service side installation correctly and client side so i can test the extern vpn ??!

Thanks for reading my issue hopeing for a reply


Mar 15, 2009 at 12:45 AM
If you install the full version a tab will appear when you load the program that will perform a service installation.  If you get an error message while doing that, let me know what it is, hopefully I can help.  Also, if you suspect it's not working, check the windows event log, if any errors occur during load or run of the service they should appear there.

But, assuming everything works all you should need to do from that point forward is install the tool on another machine, type in the DNS or IP address of the proxy, and then the machine you want to wake up.  One big gotcha to waking up a machine by DNS/IP instead of MAC Address is that you need to send the command once while it's on.  Basically, this causes the proxy to perform a DNS lookup and/or MAC query, and cache the results.  For many networks this is not possible to do while the machine is offline, and the MAC address is required to wakeup the machine so if the cache hasn't been "primed" then it won't work.  So the solution is to turn the computer on, send a wake up request, and then from that point forward it should work even if the machine is off.  Other possibility is to use the by MAC Address wakeup, which doesn't require a cache.
Mar 18, 2009 at 10:13 AM
Edited Mar 18, 2009 at 10:22 AM

Ehm, well for some reason i still cannot get the proxy service to work am i doing something wrong?!
We're a small business and we use Microsoft Windows 2003 Server (So let's say less than 50 ppl will use it at first).

I've installed the Betafullsetup (serverside?) and there i did the following:

I first off went to the "Service installation" There i see the following:


So i left it at that and clicked on "install" after a short time it said installation complete and did not give any errors.
After that i went to the "Network Card Configuration" and checked the 2 checkboxes.

V Wake-On-Lan enabled
V Wake only for magic packets

Then after i did a client side installation on a diffrent computer
Enabled the:

V Wake-On-Lan enabled
V Wake only for magic packets

After that i did the following on the Serverside installation:

Clicked on "New Target" Then to "New Destination" there i switched to "Wake up a machine from a remote network via  a proxy at"
Method "Wake up using MAC"

then at proxy i've tryd many things the DNS the IP even the proxy link it generated.. ?!

is there anything i forgot?! or could you show me how do configure it properly? cause this seems like an amazing program to have for a small business such as mine.


Mar 20, 2009 at 4:50 AM
There are three PC's in this interaction.  Target (the sleeping PC), Proxy (a.k.a Destination, Server) and Client (Where you send commands from).

The "Network Card Configuration" is to help prep your target.  It may already be enabled, and if you know how, you can generally do this through the network card properties under device manager.

"Service Installation" is for the Proxy.  If the service is installed, and starts successfully (can check in Services management console), and doesn't put any errors into the Event log (viewable through Event Viewer management console) then it's probably working okay.

The first tab is for the client.  Choose the proxy destination type, and enter the IP or DNS of the proxy.  Choose MAC or DNS wake up type and enter the information for the target in the appropriate text box.  You would be entering Target and Destination in on the client, not the server.

When you click Wake Up, the client uses the target and sends the information to the proxy.  The proxy tries to send out a message (called a magic packet) on the local network to wake up the PC.  The target PC's network card sees that packet and turns the PC back to a full on state.

The purpose of the proxy is that a magic packet can't go through firewalls, or usually even to PC's that aren't connected to the same network switch/hub.
Mar 22, 2009 at 7:24 AM
I've written an architecture and setup guide that might be very useful to you vaxy.  You can find it here:

Good luck